3 Summer Cold Drink Recipes

3 Summer Cold Drink Recipes

1- How to Gourd juice – lauki juice

Ingredients for making bottle gourd juice-

–> Gourd – 1 medium size
–> Mint – 10 to 12 leaves
–> Black salt – as per taste
–> Sugar – 2 tsp
–> Ginger – 1 small piece
–> Lemon – 1

How to make gourd juice – lauki juice banane ki vidhi

For this you take a Ghiya (Gourd) and wash it well and peel it.
Now wash and wash the mint leaves separately and wash and cut the ginger too.
Now grind it into small pieces and put them all in a mixer jar. Now you have a thick paste.
Now sieve it in a big sieve. You have to make its full juice by adding water.
In the end there will be some sawdust left and you throw it away. Now add lemon juice, black salt and sugar to it and then add some ice cubes.

Friends, it is definitely a little hard work, but it takes so much effort to drink so much tasty and healthy juice.
You must try it once. It gets quite cold.
If you drink this juice regularly even twice a week this summer, then it will be very beneficial for your body.
It protects you from heatstroke, as well as you will not have any skin-related diseases in this summer and your stomach will be completely clean. The mind will also remain cool.

2 – How to passionate thandai- thandai

Ingredients for making Thandai –

-> Almonds – 4 – 5
–> Poppy seeds – 1/2 tsp
–> Rose petals – 5 – 6
–> Cashew nuts – 4 – 5
–> Raisins – 4 – 5
–> Melon seeds – 1/4 tsp
–> Watermelon seeds – 1/4 tsp
–> White pepper – 5 – 7
–> small cardamom – 3 – 4
–> sugar candy – as per taste


How to make Thandai – Thandai

Soak the above mentioned ingredients together in water overnight and keep them covered.
In the morning take out the almonds and peel them. Now grind it well in a mixer with water.
If you want to filter it, you can also filter it.
After this, add it to 2 glasses of milk and mix it well. Then add ice cubes to it.
Our aromatic thandai is just ready. If you drink it every day, it will keep your mind good.
The body will remain good, it is considered very good for the eyes.
It is very good and healthy for the people who have a hard day’s work.

3 – Rooh Afza cold sweet lassi – tasty lassi

Ingredients for making cold sweet lassi –

–> Curd – 1 cup
–> Rooh Afza – 1 tsp
–> Sugar – 2 tsp
–> Water – 1/2 cup
–> Ice – 4 – 5 cubes


How to make cold sweet lassi – lassi

First of all, put curd in a mixer and stir it.
Then add Rooh Afza to it.
Now add water and sugar, remember to add ice later because sugar dissolves late with ice or cold water.
You will remember that the sugar water that we have made in the beginning can also be put in it.
Now add ice cubes to it. Mix it, cold cold aromatic lassi is ready.
Drink it yourself, drink it all and enjoy the summer.
How did you like our today’s recipe (5 summer drink recipes hindi) Friends, today we have told you about very easy, very cheap and very beneficial cold things. If you like it please try it and share it as much as possible. thanks |

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